From May 18-31, 2015 I was part of the group residency Active Crossover: Mooste at MoKS in Estonia. Our works are still vibrating within, around, and beyond me. In particular, I have to thank my direct collaborations with Simon Whetham, Fernando Godoy, John Grzinich, Tuulikki Bartosik, Hannah James, and Evelyn Müürsepp for their unbelievable creativity and wisdom!

Active Crossover: Mooste is a cross cultural collaborative residency curated by Simon Whetham and hosted by MoKS, in April and May 2015.

Attending will be thirteen artists from Europe, Australia, North and South America, each in different ways working around ideas of sound and location. As it is not possible for each of the artists to attend for the full two months, various combinations of artists will form and dissolve over this period depending upon peoples arrivals and departure dates.


To maintain focus on the collaborative experience over the entire two month period we will create a collective archive of material generated from the various activities undertaken, a process which in fact has already begun. While the central aim of our various explorations is an exchange of ideas around methods of collaboration, sound and experiences of site/location, this process will lead to the generation of a mass of ephemera, both sonic and otherwise; be it field recordings, documents of indoor and outdoor actions (with audience or without), studio based experiments, photographs, collected objects, recorded conversations, notes or observations.


Each artist (or group of artists) can contribute to this archive whose purpose is to act as a tool of communication rather than simply repository for outcomes. Through this process each artist will add ideas, objects, and sounds with which subsequent Active Crossover participants can search through and recombine to sharpen their focus, inspire new avenues of inquiry or side track them totally."

Eamon Sprod with John Grzinich and Simon Whetham, March 2015


We will be keeping an online journal of the various activities during the project which can be viewed HERE.

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