Jun 08 Active Crossover: Mooste

From May 18-31 I was very lucky to have been part of the group residency curated by Simon Whetham called Active Crossover: Mooste.  It allowed me to go back to one of my favorite places, MoKS!  

As our creative energy converged over the days Simon Whetham, Fernando Godoy and I developed a performance called Tuning the Lake. We wanted to create a situation for people to experience the lake in a different way. This entailed us playing instruments and making sounds from different corners of the lake.  How the waves traveled over water, through the air is so specific to time and weather, which reinforces the idea that every moment is one a kind. This performance included John Grzinich, Tuulikki Bartosik, and Hannah James. 

Simon did an excellent job of documenting the project. Here are the weeks I partook:

Read more about Simon's project here:

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