Apr 02 From Stories to Art workshops

Welcome to From Stories to Art workshops at International School of Helsinki. These workshops are for 4-7 years old artists who love to create, share, and make art! These workshops will be taught in English.

Artists and art educators, Anastasia and Arlene will will start by reading a story to the young artists. They will then create artworks that are inspired by the story. Natural materials, foraged and recycled materials will be the main mediums used in these artworks. Group activities will also be introduced as a means to start dialogue and interaction with and between the artists.

We will:
- read a different book in every workshop
- be creative and make artwork
- make connections with our surroundings
- develop skills on how to use recycled materials
- share our ideas and discuss our creations with each other

Duration of each workshop is 90 minutes.

Exciting and compelling, the stories are selected to encourage listening and comprehension development, while the artistic group activities facilitate communication and storytelling. These workshops will help children improve their English-language skills, develop creative thinking and environmental awareness.

Support can be given to children who speak Russian and Mandarin. Anastasia and Arlene can speak basic Finnish.

Price 18e per child per class
15e per returning child
VAT included
Materials provided
Cash and bank transfer payments accepted

Please register by April 7th. To register please include your name, contact info, and name & age of your child in the email to: anastasia.dearyou@gmail.com. 

Thanks and we hope to see you there!!!

Anastasia Artemeva & Arlene Tucker :)

More info on Anastasia and Arlene can be found here:
http://anastasia-artemeva.com/ & http://arlene.edicypages.com/

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Is there still room for both Pierce & Spence? I think they'd enjoy it! Let me know and thank you! Gillian Apr 14 Pierce & Spencer Baan
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