Sep 08 Hear Here - - - Kuule tässä on Yle

Hear Here - - - Kuule tässä is about making visual representations of the moment and about being present. This interactive installation creates a situation where people can draw their immediate and natural sound scape onto blank cloths soon to be covered and layered with sonic documentation. Their sonic representations will be stitched into the cloth by Arlene Tucker and Emma Fält. The sewn in sounds patch together people and the various moments that have happened over numerous wavelengths. 

This installation performance will happen in Kuhmo, Finland and will be carried over to Haikola, Russia as part of the Ethno Music Festival Sommelo. Karelia will be conjoined and embroidered using threads of all shades and sounds.

Read and listen to Tucker & Fält talk about about the process:

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