Feb 26 Let Me Feed You

Let Me Feed You is on view at Helsinki's Botanical Garden at Kaisaniemi from February 25 - tba.

Let Me Feed You invites all animals for a winter feast. On display is an assortment of seeds for the birds, squirrels, hedgehogs and other residents of Helsinki. City foxes will enjoy the fresh meat patties. Humans are free to nibble on the food, as well as, contribute to the piece by offering food to fellow species. Our shared ecosystems become more apparent in this totem-like dining table. 


This installation is part of the processual group exhibition Frozen Species in which we have explored how art affects and is affected by the entropies of public space. The re-appropriation of furniture challenges our perception of conventional spaces and transforms them into a scenery of encounters.  Our work comments on how non-human animals are anthropomorphized in western culture and embodies a “provider” that might ensure survival but might take our liberty in exchange. Spaces become intertwined as the various walks of life gather around to eat.  We are all in it together.


Arlene Tucker (USA/Taiwan) is an art educator, visual artist and toy & game designer interested in adding play elements to daily life through her art.  Inspired by translation studies and zoosemiotics, she finds ways to connect and make meaning in our shared environments. 


Martina Miño (Ecuador) is a visual artist interested in the creation of narratives of uncertainty through the contrast of heterogeneous ideas. Her main fields of expression are collage and writing, which allow her to build new realities through the juxtaposition of the word and the image.

Let Me Feed You
Martina Miño & Arlene Tucker

Mixed Media

To see pictures of the installation and procession please click here.

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This food cart reminds me of the night food vendors in Taiwan. Of course there are differences, food reality, wagon color, mobility means, etc. Any sound effects to distinguish your cart from another, any aromas fake or otherwise? Any customers?? Mar 05 Ed
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