Jul 19 Make it Play! at Made in Kallio

You are invited to a build a toy and play family event I am doing with my friend Therese Bogan on Saturday, July 27th from 13-15:00 at Made in Kallio, Helsinki, Finland.

Come enjoy a beautiful day of play making in the design studio Made in Kallio!

What: Make it Play! at MADE IN KALLIO!
Time: 13-15:00, arrive at 12:45 to register
When: Saturday, July 27, 2013
Who: You! Adult and child toy design team
Where: Made in Kallio, Vaasankatu 14
Cost: 9 euros for the 1st adult in the family and 6 euros for the second adult. Kids are free. One drink per adult is included and we will make one edible item as a snack. And of course you will have your own toy to take home!
See invite at https://www.facebook.com/events/151289238398980/?fref=ts

Therese and Arlene warmly welcome families to join us on designing a toy and then putting it to play- right then and there! Get ready to Make it Play :) This is a unique opportunity to make a toy with your child with play experts. It's a family event affair!

Therese Bogan and Arlene Tucker are a therapist/game making team. Therese creates therapeutic and optimal play environments for healing families. Arlene designs play spaces, toys and games for children and families. They wanted to give Helsinki families a fun day, so they decided to share some of their ideas for making toys and games.

During this workshop, we will introduce you to simple toy making techniques with a range of natural materials such as: twigs, pebbles, bark, and whatever else they forage from Finland's forests! Just come with an open mind and let your imagination take you where you want to go. At the end of the workshop you will have your very own, unique toy and game to play with family and friends. This workshop is suitable for kids 6 months to 8 years old and their parents. The idea is to build something special with your child, share that creative process, and find the meaning in making the fun for yourself. Toy and game making originally comes from inside the family home. Let's make those toys play together.

We will:
Build with scissors, glue and paint
Plan, imagine, make strategic moves and build
Play with balls, stones, sidewalk chalk
Play with water, run, throw, jump
Design postcards to mail to your friends and families

Please register prior to the event, to estimate and coordinate the facilities. To register please include your name, number of people coming with your family and ages in an email to: arlenehtucker@yahoo.com.

Thanks and we hope to see you there!!!

Therese Bogan & Arlene Tucker :)

More info on Therese and Arlene can be found here:
http://www.theresebogan.com/ & http://arlene.edicypages.com/

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