Arlene H. Tucker's CV

Since 2002 Arlene has been developing digital and non-digital interactive products, programs, and art installations. She has worked as a designer and project manager for companies in the UK, Czech Republic, USA, and Estonia. As of 2011, Arlene has been living in Helsinki, Finland and is ready to create new designs. Arlene believes everything should be approached playfully!

Service Design Professional Experience

Research Through Gaming, London, UK 12/2012-present
Usability Analyzer, Game Tester, Member of Advisory Board
Conduct Game Usability Analysis and Game Testing for digital games. Write play and game articles for RTG’s blog ( Advise and work with team developers on current project regarding graphics, narrative, and outreach to players

Scribble Mats!, Scribble Town, Scribble Shop, New York, NY 1/06-present
Toy & Game Developer, Online Marketing Director, and Project Manager
Conceptualize and develop products for both online and offline play for parents, teachers, and children aged 3-11 years old. Project manage Scribble Shop, an online art supplies shopping site. Implement marketing plan for the Scribble family websites.

Tartu, Estonia 5-7/2010
Digital Product Developer, Branding Consultant, Videographer
Create better usability on Edicy tool and website, Build new marketing platforms for international outreach. Film new tutorial and promotional online videos.

Concept development, art, and digital design are continuums in Arlene’s life. Arlene curates international art exhibitions, speaks at conferences, and writes for game and science publications. Her energy is driven by the excitement of working with others and her efficiency comes from years of experience of working in smaller companies that has given her many responsibilities.

Teaching and creativity with children and adults

The International School of Helsinki, 8/2014-present * H&S International School, Espoo, Finland, 11/2012-present 
* Helsinki City Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland, 1-6/2013 * International Childcare Education Center, Helsinki, Finland, 8/2011-9/2012 * Polyglot Language School, Prague, Czech Republic 12/2004
* An Chin Ban, Taipei, Taiwan 6-9/2000
* Garrison Elementary School- Book Buddies Program, Savannah, GA 9-6/1999

Arlene’s extensive and international teaching experience supports her toy and game design work giving her first hand knowledge into the edutainment world. Arlene’s passion for bringing people together through design is seen in her international project titled Dear You, which connects children aged 4-15, teachers, and schools to make and share art with each other. This is done via snail mail and digitally with the help of IPEVO’s digital learning tools. To date, nine different countries are involved! Arlene speaks the language of children :)

Translation is Dialogue, is an ongoing international art exhibition authored and curated by Arlene. Since 2010 it is been exhibited in NYC, Reykjavik, Tartu, and Helsinki. This projects creates a platform for everybody to create and understand the process and power of interpretation.


Tartu University, Tartu, Estonia, MA September 2009-2011
Master of Philosophy, Major: Semiotics.
Thesis: Meaningful play: Applying Zoosemiotics to game development

Aalto University School of Art & Design
, Helsinki, Finland, New Media and Game Design and Production, January-May 2011

Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, Georgia, USA, BFA May 2002
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major: Video/Film, Minor: Painting


Software: MS Office, Quicken, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Peachtree.
Personality: Friendly, open-minded, organized, easily adaptable to new places and punctual.

Language: Native language is English. Conversational Mandarin. Basic French and Spanish. Studying Finnish.
Voog. Make a website.