Taidekoulu Maa / Art School Maa, Suomenlinna, Finland 5.1-11.2/2015
Course designer and lecturer for course titled Installing Translations. This practical and theoretical course combines concepts within translation studies, drawing, and participatory arts. Co-taught with Emma Fält to second-year students.

Substitute teacher at The International School of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland 1/9/2014-present.

Leader of Tennari, Helsinki City Art Museum's Youth Art Group, Helsinki, Finland, 1-6/2013. http://www.hel.fi/hki/taimu/en/Museum+education/Tennari+Youth+group
Teacher to the Tigers (age 5 years old) at H&S International School, Espoo, Finland, 11/2012.  Arlene is the Dear You Workshop Leader to the Tigers and Monkeys.

Teacher to the GreenInternational Childcare Education Center, Helsinki, Finland, 8/2011-9/2012

Polyglot Language School, Prague, Czech Republic 12/7/2004 

An Chin Ban, Taipei, Taiwan 6-9/2000 

Garrison Elementary School- Book Buddies Program, Savannah, GA 9-6/1999 
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