Hear Here There - - - Tuolla Kuultua Tässä is a continuation of the sound performance and installation titled Hear Here happening during July 1-5, 2015.  Arlene reinstalled Hear Here to have Hirvitalo’s participants create on top of the sound works made in the other locations.  This would converge sound, space, people and action from Kuhmo, Finland, Haikola, Russia, and now Tampere.  Recordings of the space in Kuhmo and in Haikola was played in Tampere where local natural sounds will be intermixed with the environmental sounds from the other locations.  Tahmela Beach created a sea of sewn in sounds to be displayed and interacted with.

Hear Here There - - - Tuolla Kuultua Tässä

Performanssifiesta la 8.8.2015

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