Translation is Dialogue (TID) is an ongoing project started in 2010, which is based on how the translation process is creating communication and dialogue within itself.  This allows transcendence of oneself to another.  Regardless of the situation happening organically or consciously it is bound to the subjective state of the translator, yet it is through such discourse where truth or realization is found.  Momentum is magic!


I picked a song and gave it to Alejandra, a dancer and semiotician.  She then created a dance performance on the basis of this song.   Space, dancers, materials and anything that is needed to make this performance as she wishes is available because it was constructed in her imagination. 


Recordings of Alejandra describing her envisioned dance were sent to artists from Estonia, Colombia and the USA, to name a few.  The artists’ participation in the next stage of translation is to create something on the basis of Alejandra’s description.   Now, not only is there the translation of the musician’s intent to sound, sound to record, record to ears, Alejandra's ears to thoughts, thoughts to voice, voice to MP3, these selected artists have created an extension of melody, meaning, and purpose from their interpretation.


The installation will follow the form of these translations produced in a range of mediums such as video, colored pencils and sculpture.  From thought to matter the continuity of mind is forever transforming as the viewers reinterpret their surroundings.

Please click on the links below to:
Click to hear Alejandra's description.
Click to hear Alejandra translating/describing her idea whilst listening to the score.

This idea was first presented at the Art in Translation International Conference on Language and the Arts, May 27-29, 2010 in Reykjavík, Iceland. 

Translation is Dialogue was installed at the "Culture in Mediation: Total Translation, Complementary Perspectives" held in honour of Peeter Torop's 60th birthday at the University of Tartu, Estonia on November 26-27, 2010 in Tartu, Estonia. The premier of the installation, dance performance, and live piano translation was held on the night of the 26th at The University of Tartu History Museum.

Just remember that anything is possible, in any medium, in any color and in the shape of any animal for that matter.  Thanks, in advance, for taking the time!

Please continue to send me your translated works.  Feel free to pass on to friends or email  me at arlenehtucker (at) for more details or questions.


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