To see a complete collection of TID artworks and pictures from the installations and workshops please go to:

Credits for the images starting from the top left corner:

Sven Orav, Kristino Rav, Mattias Merilai and Tiit Joala, 'Silmad Kinni' (Yes, I think it`s so while eyes shut), video. For more information please click here.

David Wright Lagrone, photograph.

Mike Ballard, 'Moon, Tree, Water, Moon,' video. Please click here to read the story that accompanies the video.

Nathan Lay, 'Three Translations From Brain to JPEG,' Photoshop, Gimp, and Illustrator.

Arngrímur Borgþórsson, 'Cube to fluid to nothing,' jpeg image.

Andi Thea, 'Wavos,' ink drawings.

Olivier Clerc, 'Momentics,' sketch of a staged dance performance.

Jesper Alvaer (organizer), Petra Hermanová (voice), Roman Přikryl  (sound editor), translation_jesper.mp3. For more information please click here.

Leyna Marika Papach, 'the body is a,' video recording of performance.

Madis Katz, photograph. For more information please click here.

Nathan Williams, 'Baile Yoru-Kongo Palenque,' collage and animation.
BYKP3-2b animation is a remix of one of Nathan's designs of part 1 (B YKP 5):
Nate BYKP3-2b.avi. Please click here to see more art from this project.

Shira Grabelsky, 'Forces,' sketch of the installation performance piece.

Andrew Steinmetz, 'Transition His Dial Up,' video translation.

Scott Ruff (RuffWorks). Please click here to see more art from this project.

Nathan William and Scott Ruff collaboration. Animated by N8.
Please click to watch: N8 RuffWorks collabo 1.avi and  N8 RuffWorks collabo 2.avi

Carlos Marulanda, Horizontal Upside Down, digital photo collage

Alexander Wüstefeld, 'Squares around a Dancer I' and 'Squares around a Dancer II'

Rafael Duarte Uriza, 'That time that you don’t know,'video edition by Mateo Rudas Vásquez, Agujeros by Ana María Romano, watch the video

Michelle Rosenberg,
'The Sea and the Tree,' video

Jaanika Peerna, 'Sky Path: Again and Again,' 3 min 7 sec video loop projected either onto  a floor OR onto a wall.

Daniel Teichmann, 'Progress,' Digital photographs

Anna-Stephanie Müller, 'Frei von Zeit,' Installation video

Pirkko Runnel, 'Space of Alejandra,' video

Sari Toivola, 'Drifting,' illustration

Svitlana Biedarieva, 'White Sea,' acrylic paint

Sheets, 'Human Timbox,' acrylic paint

David Wright Lagrone, 'Breakdancer 2, digital picture

DJ Karl Marx, 'Franz Nuts 2,' sample sounds. Click to hear Franz Nuts 2.mp3

The Violent Fluffers, video

Scott Ruff (Ruff Works), 'X-Scape: extra-terrestial map'
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