"In Transit >< Käännöksessa", TID: Phase 9 at Bokvilla Galleria in Helsinki, Finland. February 21-March 21, 2017. Workshops and Installation.

TID: Phase 8. Ahjo at Play at Ah!Jo! Taidekeskus Ahjo. Part of schlupp drawing symposium group show. Interactive installation. May 28 to June16, 2015.

"Installing Translations" course at Taidekoulu Maa / Art School Maa, Suomenlinna, Finland, January 5-February 11, 2015. Designed curriculum and lectured Installing Translations with Emma Fält to second-year students. This practical and theoretical course combined topics of translation studies, drawing, and participatory arts together.

“TID: Phase 7. Transposed Translations” at Third Space Gallery, Helsinki, Finland. November 24-29, 2014. Installation of collected spacial maps from performance at In Dialogue in the UK and a week long curation of artists translating within the space. With Alejandra Pineda Silva.

“TID: Phase 6. Transforming through Translation 1:1” at In Dialogue International Symposium, Nottingham, UK. October 4, 2014. Digital performance of mapping space with Alejandra Pineda Silva (Colombia).

“Play Parts of a Whole: an evolving space” at MoKS Gallery, Mooste, Estonia. July 5-14, 2014. Collection of interactive artworks that spawn awareness of space, sound, and storytelling.

"Translation is Dialogue: Making the Thought Process" Tartu Semiotics Summer School 2013 - Autocommunication in Semiotic Systems, Kääriku, Estonia, August 18-23, 2013. http://www.ut.ee/SOSE/conference/summer_school/index.html

“Katso ja Kerro/See to Say” at Helsinki Art Museum from February-April, 2013. Tennari Youth Art Group created an interactive public installation based on the function of TID and the two exhibitions, paintings of Marjatta Tapiola and Russian Fairytales. http://www.hel.fi/hki/taimu/en/Museum%20education/Tennari%20Youth%20group


“Tools to Translate: TID Workshop, Phase 5” at Esitystaiteen Keskus in Helsinki on July 8, 2012. We offered a series of dynamic exercises; movement, verbal, visual, performative, linguistic and semiotic, to help understand the process of interpretation. 


“Translation is Dialogue: Phase 4, unKontained Translations” Kontaining, Lasipalatsinaukio, Helsinki, June 7, 2012. Created a 24hour public art installation and workshop space out of a shipping container. Kontaining is produced by Ptarmigan ry in association with the Arts Council of Uusimaa. http://ptarmigan.fi/events/2012-06-07


“Translation is Dialogue: Phase 3, New York City Makes it Translate” Freeform + Deform, workshop on July 29, opening on July 20, 2011. Held a one day workshop then installed show of interpretations made based on previous translations.


“Translation is Dialogue: Phase 2, Helsinki in Transition” SHuSH Helsinki, Tarmonkuja 2 Länsisatama, June 12, 2011. Created a space for live translations to be realized using drawing, dancers, and interactive software. The show was in collaboration with SHuSH art collective and Ptarmigan ry. http://ptarmigan.fi/events/shush


“Translation is Dialogue: Phase 1” installation of mixed, multimedia artworks and live performance pieces. Culture in Mediation: Total Translation, Complementary Perspectives will be held at Tartu University in Estonia on November 26-27, 2010.



“Translation is Dialogue” Art in Translation, International conference on language and the arts, Reykjavik, Iceland, May 27-29, 2010.


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