Mar 01 Missä olet? Where are you? Tell me where you are. In your room, in your head, in ... Please leave a comment below.

I am here. See you there. Arlene.
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Instructions: Use your eye piece as a mouth piece to locate where you are. Flip it and flap it frontwards and backwards to see what shines out of that diamond.  When you are finished you can keep it or pass it on to somebody. 
Everybody needs to be asked Where You Are? sooner or later!  
Thanks for taking the time.  Love, Arlene

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doing a project and in a difficult situation. Mar 02 Wu Yuan
on the path without obstacles. Mar 02 Edvin Aedma
I'm online: Mar 02 Paula
Possibly mid-way through a life that I can't remember the beginning and won't know when it ends. Every day is a complete unknown, but I keep showing up! Mar 02 Pamela Gettinger Tucker
I am on my mountain in an early morning, facing the sun rise, seeing the sparkling dew on the grass that I feel when stepping barefoot on it. I am there, in front of the small, wooden, mountain house with my coffee and my book Mar 02 Ana
Just daydreaming watching the birds have breakfast at the feeder one family at a time and waiting for Spring to break out. Mar 02 Edward
i am in your heart Mar 02 bill
I am standing by the sea, next to lots of different birds. and they all come to eat by my hands. Mar 02 Polly Balitro
I am in the last century, in my day-dreams, and in somebodies' memory. I am in my heaven, when I am happy and satisfy with everything in my life. Mar 02 wensi zhai
In a field of yellow tulips Mar 02 ryann
In front of my shadow Mar 02 Drew Morris
I am on the verge of slowing down, unwinding and relaxing and soon the spinning will stop. Mar 03 rena
i'm a fig newton of my imagination Mar 03 eric
I'm extended in the time, frozen like some of its particles and with an endless movement at the same time. Mar 03 Ale
In time Mar 03 riin
In the now. Trying to see things through the eyes of my not yet year old son. Mar 03 lizanne
invisible by choice Mar 04 Ingo
In a room within a room in a brooklyn apartment. It is raining outside and all I want is to be here. With my book! Mar 06 Monk
I am in my sofa preparing for the battle with papers and exams, and some BIG international projects, imagining better days of joy and music around. How and where are you, Arlene? May 03 NY
Finally I see. I am in white-grown-green world...seeing a postcard of Lisboa and hearning dutch music in the background. There is also a dress in giftpaper for my friend... and another box of mysterious things... and under my palm I feel a letter from you, filled with emotions. I breath out, got to love my life. :) Jun 24 Teevi
in deeper thoughts seeking comprehension of understanding the balance between cultures in relationships. quote: There is a curiosity when looking upon the perversity of inclusion in diversity as relationships take toll amongst the whole. Cultures and principles coincide while each leads their own lives. Ideals collide allowing the winner to be: Pride. What was once thought to be forever tied has now died. The intrusion of an ideal Diversity and inclusion one day needs to make way for a fusion in an optical illusion. -V. LOVE. Aug 05 V
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